Energy Archaeology™ is a bridge from the energy world to the physical world. It creates depth, dimension, embodiment, and a path to clarity. Living Bone Deep amplifies your healing work, spiritual journey, and personal practice.


 Your bones are the origin of your light body. 

The outside of the bone is made of apatite microcrystals suspended in a fibrous structure - all surrounding the slipstream of light in the marrow. This is where our light body originates and emanates.


 You can heal deeper than ever before  by accessing the energy in your bones. 

Apatite helps to lift the fog from our path and reminds us that our true power lies within. Healing is not about reaching for things outside of the self, it's about knowing your Self intimately and witnessing your own journey. Your bones hold space for you to do that.


 The path of your healing journey is in your bones. 

Each bone holds a resonance and vibration of your past lives, ancestral lineage, multi-dimensional self, and current incarnation. They communicate to us through sensation and intuition, and when we know how to read what's lying deep inside, we know what we need to shift to move forward.

 Your personal chakras refer symptoms of deeper wounding to the surface where you can see them. 

Chakras refer deep wounds to the surface for healing. They  don't hold stagnation and blockages. These wounds and traumas are deeper in the body and finding their way up and out through the subtle energy field. When you clear them at the bone, you clear the resonance in the chakra.


 Your Earth Star chakra connects your bones to the collective consciousness energy grid. 

We have complete control over connecting to our best and highest good, and disconnecting from what isn't serving us. 


 Embodiment is available for everyone. 

Yes, especially you. When you work with your bones, you'll follow sensation and intuitive guidance to sink deeper into your body than ever before. This level of embodiment will flow out to everyone who meets you. This is what it means to Live Bone Deep.




F O R   A L L 






Brand new here? Need a refresher about your unique bone wisdom? Gain instant access to downloadable PDF bone bios and get started.


Your bones are calling and you're ready to listen.  Dig in on your own with instant-access to mini-courses and healings - day or night, they're here for you.



Create space in your bones and your life for energy that serves your best and highest good. My calendar's been expecting you ;)




This past Spring and Summer was a busy time for me as a creator. I launched Skelementary School and just finished up with the inaugural group! On top of that, I was co-creating this website, dreaming up the content, and creating all of the original mini-courses and group sessions that you can find in the shop. It's been a whirlwind!


I'm also just back from Australia and integrating all of the juicy goodness that I experienced!


The rest of the summer I'm slowing-down and going back to my roots - 1:1 Energy Archaeology sessions and creating the Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck. I've created space for people to reclaim their innate bone wisdom, and to facilitate deep healing.


The Energy Archaeology Oracle Deck is going to be a year-long creation. Look for it to launch in the summer of 2020, with pre-sales throughout the spring.