The Meditation Lounge

Strip away the world, come back to your bones

 Welcome to The Lounge.

This is your space to strip away everything from the outside world and come back to your bones.

To find clarity

To call up your energetic resonance

To balance your energy flow

To embody joy

To release stress

To deeply heal - bone by bone - the energy in your skeleton

To just BE.


You are held in this space - not only by the guided meditations and energy healing sessions - but by your very foundation. Your bones.

The lounge is where you can access all of the recorded meditations and energy healing sessions of Energy Archaeology. The collection is ever-expanding as new meditations and sessions are created.

The Lounge is organized into three modules. The first is a written section on how to make the most of this space, including three separate "paths" depending your goals and intentions. The first section also includes tips for energy work safety and integration. The following two sections are where the Guided Meditations and Energy Healing Sessions are found.

The meditations are shorter and help you learn simple practices to clear, ground, or amplify the energy in your bones. The energy healing sessions are longer and more intense - healing, clearing, and transmuting energy at a bone-deep level.

How you use The Lounge is up to you and the guidance you receive from your body. If you ever get stuck or need some guidance on where to go next, just hit the question mark at the lower right corner of your screen and I'm happy to give you a nudge!